Installation of trash rake cleaner no 2 -Telom Intake
Overview of bearing oil system unit 3 -JOR Station
Grinding & filing of rubber seal for UVC guard valve 2 - WOH Station
Ventilation cooling water supply & return piping inside ventilation room -WOH Station
Installation of cover plate, metallic seal & rubber seal for UVC Over Velocity Valve 1 - WOH Station
Shaft seal cooling water forwarding pumps, back flushing strainers, interconnecting piping & valves unit 1 -WOH Station
Dismantling of mount piece (upper nozzle) unit 3 - JOR Station
Dismantling of fasteners of UVC penstock 2 guard valve extension piece - WOH Station
Dismantling of existing 132kV HV cable box of transformer unit 3 - WOH Station
Transformer HV cable boxes, conservator tank & interconnecting piping unit 2 - JOR Station
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