Completion of blowdown tank with insulation and cladding  -Segari Power Plant
Loading of stack lower sections at site  -Segari Power Plant
Completion of HRSG Stack  -Segari Power Plant
Installation of HRSG HP & LP steam drums  -Segari Power Plant
Alignment check during erection of inlet duct structure unit 13 - Perlis Power Plant
Overview of insulation and cladding unit 12 - Perlis Power Plant
Fit up piping to steam drums unit 11  - Perlis Power Plant
Lifting of stack - Teluk Salut Power Plant
Drum Lifting for HRSG - Teluk Salut Power Plant
Tube Welding - Teluk Salut Power Plant
Preparation for Tube Expansion - Teluk Salut Power Plant
Tube Expansion in Low Pressure Drum - Teluk Salut Power Plant
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