• Strong management and professional team.

  • Good source and a wealth of skilled direct workers and supervisors.

  • Maintaining reports for record and traceability. An example is the Daily Work report which reflects day to day activities, manpower/hour and equipment.

  • QAQC documentation for record, accessibility and traceability. Documentation such as, Inspection Test Plans, Method Statements, Job Risk Analysis, WPS, PQR, WQT, Welding Control Card, NDT, Welding History, Fit up and Welding progress report are maintained, just to name a few.

  • Material Control Procedure is set up to ensure smooth flow of materials in and out of the storage area so as to avoid unnecessary confusion during the course of any works.

  • Ability to perform material take off for contracting and design purposes without the need to employ the services of others.

  • Planning and Control is part and parcel of our team to minimize the problems that may be encountered during the course of performing any works.

  • Vast experience and track record.

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